Week of 10/10-10/17

I am currently working on mugs because there are people who have requested them. I really enjoy having a project or assignment to work on because it helps me hold myself accountable and continue practicing pottery. Mugs are pretty simple to make compared to other forms. They generally go straight up and down (a classic cylinder-like shape) and they are not too tall. A form that is very tall or very wide is typically the harder type of pottery to create. The nice thing about mugs is that you can throw a basic mug shape and then you can decide how you want to personalize it at the end. I think it is a good practice to throw a lot of mugs in similar sizes and when you get to the end of throwing, you can practice a new technique on each mug by changing the form. Some mugs can have a wavy shape and some can have a more angular shape. This way, you are left with mugs that are all similar in size but they all have their own style which is not only good to practice, but more fun to make. While having a matching set of mugs that are the same shape can be nice, it is more interesting to make them look different in their own ways.

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